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What we’re about

I decided to start this group after noticing the lack of Jewish groups for both moms and families with young children after we had our first child last year. The purpose of this group is for parents and children to get together, both on weekdays if they are stay-at-home parents or work from home or work part time, and also for families to get together evenings and weekends, so that all members of the families can meet. We can have playdates at parks, libraries, museums and places that cater to children, in addition to alternating at our homes. We can also meet for lunches and dinners, and maybe even even have moms' nights out and parents' nights out occasionally without the kids. Really since this is a brand-new group, we can all decide together what we want out of this group as we go along. As for me, I am just looking to make new friends for both me and my daughter, and I know my husband would love to make some more friends, too. This group is open to both married and single Jewish people with children who just want to make friends and want their children to make friends with other local Jewish people.