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Quirks of JavaScript ( - A 2 hours innovative & informative hands-on meetup by Jnaapti after Python Bootstrap (

Javascript has gained in popularity over the last decade and is making its way in a big way into organizations. In this session, we look at how the language has evolved from being a language "hated by many" to a language "loved by many". Javascript comes with its own "personality" and "my way of doing things". So instead of putting our perspective on how it's supposed to be, we look at why Javascript has taken this stand and how it differs from other languages.

We will talk about some of the unique features of Javascript and discuss about prototypes, prototypal inheritance, its classless nature and some of the features that are being introduced into the new standards. We will discuss the future of Javascript and of client side application development patterns. We will also discuss briefly the idea of data-binding and frameworks like AngularJS/KnockoutJS etc.

Questions/Topics that participants have asked to be covered:

• Prototypes

• Client/Server side libraries/frameworks

If you have any specific topics/questions you can let us know when you RSVP.

Notes for participants:

• Pre-requisites - Prior knowledge of Javascript will help.

BYOD - as we will be discussing a few code examples, it is preferable if you get your laptop.

Software requirement: Firefox/Chrome browser. NodeJS is an added benefit. You can install it from here:

Note: Agenda might change based on the RSVP.

RSVP: Only if you are 100% sure and interested in learning.

Speaker's LinkedIn Profile : Gautham Pai. (

About the speaker: Gautham Pai, Founder of Jnaapti, a technical skill development company. He has over 8 years of experience in the software industry, and over 3 years of training experience during which he has trained in the niche areas of web application engineering in technologies like AWS, Cloud Computing, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 etc in companies like Akamai, VMware, Fidelity, Cisco, Citrix etc.

He is known for his commendable technical skill with his great patience in understanding the audience and picking up from where they are by helping them strengthen the conceptual roots of every subject he trains on. He has acquired great abilities in helping corporates indulge in coding with his interesting sessions.


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