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Our goal is to offer the best and shortest way of "being successful in a job interview" to "foreigners" who are considering working in a Japanese company or changing careers. Our primary purpose is to help all the participants to;
-State your opinions clearly and assertively
-Find your strengths
-Learn good manners and behavior in speech and at job interviews
-Link your career path with your life goal

Professional and experienced Japanese teacher (and licenced career consultant) will help you! This will be a great opportunity for you to meet new people with the same purpose.

In addition, we will regularly hold "Ochakai (small meeting over drinking coffee)" to share information with friends. This is only a two-hour talk at the cafe, so it's free. Please bear your own drink.

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Basic rights and duties when working in Japan~ 日本で働くために知っておきたい仕事の基本のルール~

【オンライン外国人向け労働法セミナー】 2021年入社予定の留学生を対象に、日本の労働法に関するセミナーを開催します。日本で安心して働くためには、自分の義務や権利を正しく知ることが必要です。本セミナーでは、日本で働く前に知っておきたい労働法や社会保障の基礎を学びます。日本語が苦手な方も参加できるように、「やさしい日本語」と「英語字幕」を用意しました。現在日本で働いている方はもちろん、日本で働きたいと思っている海外の方の参加も大歓迎です。皆様のご参加をお待ちしております。 日時:2020年12月13日(日)14:00~16:00 対象:2021年に入社予定の外国人留学生 (現在お仕事をされている方、海外からの参加も歓迎します) 内容:就労に関する法律や制度、税金や保険などの社会制度、ビザ変更や引っ越しなどの諸手続き その他、事前アンケートで質問を募り、セミナーで取り上げる予定です。 講師: 淺海一郎氏(内定ブリッジ株式会社 代表取締役・創設者) 言語:セミナーは日本語(やさしい日本語)で行いますが、英語の字幕が付きます。 参加費:1000円(2人以上で一緒に申し込む場合は1人当たり800円になります。) 定員:50名 日本貿易振興機構(JETRO)高度外国人材スペシャリストであり、日本語教師として長年の経験を持つ講師が、日本で安心して働くために知っておきたいことをわかりやすく解説します。 *オンラインはzoomを使用します。 申し込みURL: https://forms.gle/9zudAWzQpqyUMoP27 [Basic rights and duties when working in Japan ~Online Labor Law Seminar for Foreigners] We will hold a seminar on Japanese labor law for international students who plan to join our company in 2021. In order to work in Japan in a safe and secure manner, it is necessary to know your duties and rights correctly. In this seminar, you will learn the basics of labor laws and social security that you should know before working in Japan. We have prepared "easy Japanese" and "English subtitles" so that those who are not so good at Japanese can also participate. We also welcome people who are currently working in Japan as well as people from overseas who are interested in working in Japan. We look forward to your participation. Date: December 13th(Sun) 14:00〜16:00 Target group: International students who plan to join the company in 2021 (Those currently working or from abroad are welcome to join.) Details: laws and systems related to employment, social systems such as taxes and insurance, and procedures such as visa changes and moving. Other questions will be asked in the pre-seminar questionnaire and will be addressed at the seminar. Speaker: Mr. Ichiro Asami, Naitei Bridge Co., Ltd. CEO, Founder https://naiteibridge.com/ Language: The seminar will be conducted in Japanese, but English subtitles will be provided. Participation fee: 1,000 yen (800 yen per person for two or more people who register together). Capacity: 50 people We will use zoom for online. Registration URL: https://forms.gle/9zudAWzQpqyUMoP27

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