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What we’re about

This Meetup is lead by Joe Lopez who has been practicing and teaching Chi Gong and Tai Chi since the 1960s. He has been holding a very friendly Chi Gong class every Saturday 9:30-10:30am at Goose Egg Park in Santa Monica, CA since 1986! (he has been doing martial arts since 1958). The location is 600 Palisades Avenue, which is at the corner of Palisades St. and 7th St. one block North of Montana Ave. This class will fill you full of great feeling energy and well being while we breathe in the fresh ocean air. Visitors are welcome to come and watch or participate.
We are now specializing in the little known Tai Chi Ruler Chi Gong set. It is possible to follow the class or beginners can take private classes in order to catch up with the class. The fee for the Saturday class is $10.00 a week or private lessons are $60. Students are advised to come to class and practice regularly in order to get value from the practice.
Anyone can learn this ancient practice which is a gift for one's physical, emotional, spiritual awareness and well being. Many students have been here throughout the years and newcomers are always welcome.
Joe may be reached at 310-394-1458.