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What we’re about

(Formerly Charlotte Black Professionals)

Our Goal
We want YOU to join US!

Where We Are
Centrally located in Charlotte, NC, at the crossroads of the Carolinas.

Who We Are
Our members seek personal and professional growth through exploring our area, exchanging ideas, and meeting exciting people. We are Black Professionals living in and around NORTH and SOUTH CAROLINA.

This is your opportunity to engage with others in the Black Community and:

- Explore the Carolinas (including Charlotte NC and beyond).
- Exchange ideas (personal and professional development).
- Expand opportunities (employment and entrepreneurship).
- Improve through exercise (fun fitness activities).
- Meet exciting people (volunteering, networking and connecting).

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

To join, you must:
- Be a Black Professional living in or around THE CAROLINAS
- Join using your REAL first name and REAL last name (or initial)
- REAL answers to ALL membership questions, and
- Post a REAL high-resolution photo of yourself (not a group pic)


No fake names, no business names, no exceptions. If you go by your initials, you still must include a first or last name. (Example: If you go by M.K. sign up as Martin M.K. or M.K. King).

We are a CLOSED group and value OUR privacy. Your photo will only be visible to those in the group. If your photo does NOT show your face clearly your membership request will NOT be approved.

Maintaining Membership
- We have the right to decline membership requests or memberships for ANY reason and/or terminate membership for incomplete profiles, individuals of an unprofessional reputation, failure to attend any event for one year and/or those seeking to NOT add value to our organization.
- Unprofessional conduct, bullying, and inappropriate behavior ARE PROHIBITED

WARNING: If you post a photo of poor quality and/or do not use your real name your request will be DECLINED and you will NOT be added. (Yes, we have mentioned this 3 times above. Also...following directions is an unspoken membership requirement).

We reserve the right to remove and/or ban members who engage in unprofessional behavior and/or a pattern of RSVP no shows.

After you become a member, RSVP for one of our upcoming events!

See you soon!!!