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Meet other local hiking and outdoor enthusiasts. All those who are interested in outdoor excursions near and far and meeting new people to do things around home. New to the area? The group is a great way to get to know the area.

We hike in the area of Las Cruces, New Mexico (including Gila Wilderness, Deming, Alamogordo, Ruidoso, and Silver City), and El Paso, Texas.

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Cherry Creek and Blues Festival

Milagro Coffee Y Espresso

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It is time to enjoy an outdoor event with nature, music, and fun! We will do a day camp, hike Cherry Creek, a cookout afterwards, and drop by the Blues Festival in silver city on the way back. About the Hike and Cookout: The hike is about 4 miles round trip. The temperature is about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than Las Cruces. Depending on the weather there probably will be running water in the creek. So you might need water shoes and maybe a rain coat (or a big umbrella). This is an easy hike with some easy bouldering. We will also cross the creek several times. Dog and children friendly, Fun is mandatory Bring water, snacks, and anything you would like to share with other nature-lovers and foodies. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/gila/recarea/?recid=1976 Info of the Blues Festival: http://www.silvercity.org/events/details/silver-city-blues-festival-4804 p.s. This will be a whole day event. We will leave Las cruces at 7:00. Please show your appreciation and contribute to the driver for gas, wear and tear for the vehicle if you are carpooling. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CAMP OVERNIGHT ARE WELCOMED TO JOIN US. See you then!

Tortugas Tuesday Fitness Hike

Tortugas Mountain

Our flagship weekday hike! Come meet us at Tortugas Mountain (aka "A Mountain", because it has a big "A" on it). It's an urban mountain with many, many hiking trails to explore. Every Tuesday evening we go out there, pick a trail, and enjoy a fun hike with fun people, not to mention beautiful views of the city and surrounding area. QUICK REFERENCE Distance - Variable, depends on what we decide to do. Please plan between 2 and 4 mi. Elevation Gain - It is some 700 ft to the top of Tortugas Mountain. Fees - None. Duration - Variable; we finish when we finish. We aim for finishing by 8:00 pm or by sunset, whichever happens earlier. Pet Friendly - Yes. You must have a way to restrain your dog. Terrain - loose, steep mountainside. We usually stay on trails but we may go off-trail if people desire something more challenging. Weather - Typically doesn't matter, we usually hike rain or shine, unless there is a lightning storm or a particularly bad wind storm. We won't decide to cancel until an hour before the event. Afterward - We may head to a restaurant for libations, but we'll discuss this towards the end of the hike. Meet - At Las Cruces - 5:45 pm at Tortugas Mountain Sunset Parking lot near the traffic-lighted intersection of Dripping Springs Road and Sonoma Ranch Boulevard. At the light, turn right (south). Be aware that there are two named parking lots. By tradition, we ALWAYS meet at the Sunset lot. (The other one is the Monte Vista lot.) GPS -[masked]°N,[masked]°W (see on Google Maps http://maps.google.com/?q=32.29748,-106.70694&z=18) Time - We will hit the trail by 5:50. If you might be late call or text. DETAILS Clothing - Weather Appropriate attire. Wear thick soled shoes with some tread. Most folks wear a hat. We’ve had people show up in flip-flops or other unsuitable shoes. This is unwise. Bring water and maybe a hat Kid Friendliness - You know best what your child is capable of, but if you need further details, please ask in the comments. Medical Concerns - This is strenuous exercise, performed outdoors. If you are unsure for any reason please consult your physician. Right-of Way - by tradition, folks going downhill get the right-of way, as they have more momentum. Also, if you encounter a trail cyclist, please step aside. As a hiker, you are more maneuverable than they are. Snakes - there may be rattlesnakes, of course. Late Arrival - If you are going to be late, or decide to cancel, let us know using the Meetup app. We don't want to hold up the group because of stragglers. And please RSVP, it really helps if we have an accurate count of the number of hikers. Routes There are 8 main routes to the top, and one main loop around the base. There are several offshoots on the loop trail, and a few interconnections between some of the upgoing trails. Base Loop Trail - This is a loop around the base of the mountain. It is 4 miles long, with about 400 feet of accumulated elevation gain. The Road - this is a paved and gated (locked) road that, named Observatory Road, that intersects Geothermal Road. "Straight Up" - This is the northernmost of the trails on the west side of the mountain facing the city. Turtleback - This runs somewhat parallel to the "Straight up" trail and is slightly south. The "A" Trail - This trail is on the west side and the trailhead is south of the Turtleback trail that goes by the "A" near the top. The Rock-slide - A somewhat steep path on the South West side of the mountain. The terrain of the trail is mostly loose stones. Boulder Pass (or The Backside) - This trail is located in the center of the mountain facing the east side. The Steep Way - This trail is located on the north side of the mountain and is one of the steepest paths we take. You may want to use your hands to do some light scrambling. Three Rocks - This is a lesser-used trail that is on the north side of the mountain. There is light scrambling on this route.

Tortugas Mountain Wake-up Hike

Sunset Parking Lot

A morning beat-the-heat hike! Come meet us at Tortugas Mountain (aka "A Mountain", because it has a big "A" on it). It's an urban mountain with many, many hiking trails to explore. Imagine the refreshing moment of overviewing the city with cool morning breeze in the shade at the mountain top. It's a nice and quick workout to begin a day, and we will hike mostly in the shade (because we are early enough:) Route We will hike "Straight up" - This is the northern of the two trails on the west side of the mountain facing the city. It medium rocky terrain, medium incline. It is the quickest way up the mountain and reaches the observatory at the top. QUICK REFERENCE Distance - About 2 miles Elevation Gain - Approximately 800 ft to the top of Tortugas Mountain. Fees - None Duration - 1 hour Pet Friendly - Yes, if your dog(s) follow the rules and the pace of the group. Skill Level - moderate Terrain - loose, steep mountainside Weather - Nice What You Should Bring--Water, sunscreen, snacks, etc. Miscellaneous Medical Concerns - This hike might be strenuous at times. If you are unsure for any reason please consult your physician before attempting any of our hikes. Late Arrival -- Expect arrival 5 minutes early (6:55). We will start the hike on time. See you soon! ***Caution/Disclaimer: Each individual hiker is responsible for their own personal safety/health and of their guests when participating in Jornada Hiking & Outdoor Club activities. The organizers of Jornada Hiking & Outdoor Club and the Jornada Hiking & Outdoor Club are not liable for any illness, injury, accident, mechanical break-down, or unforeseen acts that may occur while you participate going to, during, or after any activity. If you have a medical condition that may be aggravated by any kind of physical activity you must make your own personal decision about attending and not hold any of the volunteer organizers liable. All organizers are volunteers and are not compensated during any activity.***

Signal Peak and Black Peak Day Hike (moderate)

This is a cross-post that Ryan posted on Western Outdoor Adventures and this is what he says: PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST BEFORE SIGNING UP Signal Peak and Black Peak General info: Duration: All Day Distance: approximately 8 miles Elevation: approximately 2000 feet Note: This is kind of exploratory as I have never hiked this trail, so all this info is second hand, however it is a designated trail. (#742 and the CDT) Depart from the Cabela's parking lot at 6:00 am (6450) Desert Blvd N, El Paso, TX 79912). Please arrive about 5:50 am to arrange carpooling. **Las Cruces hikers we can stop at the Ramada located at 201 E University Ave, Las Cruces, NM 88005, at 6:30 am. Should arrive at the trailhead around 9:00 am, and hike approximately 4 miles to Black Peak, stopping along the way to check out the fire tower on Signal Peak. The first leg is said to be easy to follow but rather steep. The second part is along the ridge so should be less steep. Hike back out along the same route and return to El Paso. What to bring: Bring standard day hiking equipment, plenty of water, and snacks • Important to know: Participants should be in good physical condition to attend this outing. Folks with an underlying medical condition should avoid moderate and strenuous outings. Participants who RSVP yes also agree to the Release of Liability statement: https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-dWiUFgVP/about/ As with all my hikes, this is a drug free zone, and as the hike organizer I reserve the right to remove you from the hike.

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Tortugas Mountain Wake-up Hike

Sunset Parking Lot

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