Sunset Potluck and "'A' Mountaintop Full-mooning"


We have a potluck at the pavilion of Sunset Parking lot of 'A' Mountain at 4:30 pm, then climb 'A' Mountain to celebrate the rising full moon. We will take the maintenance road to come back to the parking lot.
The hiking distance is totaled about 2 miles, with a few hundred feet of elevation gain. All on trail.
The difficulty level is classified as very difficult if, one closes one's eyes, and hobbles along on one leg the whole distance.
If you signed up for Las Cruces Hiking Meetup Group 3 years ago, and ever since been wondering, when will it be your very first hike with this group, well, this is it. This is it!
Bring along a torchlight, just in case. Bring your most favorite dish. And also, feel free to bring your 'free spirit' (like barley juice? wink) and good humor. Let's party!
Since we are going to be in the open, dress warmly.
Please RSVP along with what dish you are bringing.