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Rabbit Ears --Massif

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We will take the most common route. From Baylor Canyon Road, we will take the entrance of the jeep road headed for the hut and park right at the entrance. (If we have enough high suspension vehicles, we might park closer to the hut, that would save about a half mile walking in the lower desert.) We will pass the mine site, cross over Northeast to the entrance of the Big Winy Canyon. Take the canyon all the way up to the saddle between South Rabbit Ear and Rabbit Ears Massif. We will summit Rabbit Ears Massif.

The Big Windy Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Organs, straight shot up rock cliffs, jagged and threatening, with variety of rock formations and hues of color resulting from different mineral components. Huge sections of the arroyo bed are simple granite rock, solid and clean, an ideal terrain for canyon lovers.

This hike involves plenty of bouldering, small waterfall climbing and bedrock scrambling. It demands agility, full body strength, and mental focus. To some hikers who like canyoneering, this could be a much enjoyable, fun outing, much easier a hike than some other Organ hikes, like the Peak or the Needle. However, to some others who are not comfortable with steep canyon ascending and descending, might find it unusually difficult an adventure. It is for the hiker to find it out.

The climbing from the saddle to the summit is especially steep, but short.

The time Samat went up there, his GPS clocked 7.5 miles and 3600' elevation gain.

All in all, this is a moderate to difficult hike.

The hike will take about 6 to 8 hours.
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