Organ Peak


If we are going to keep the Organ Peak trail fresh for year 2013, we need to go up there. And this would be the last chance in this February to climb the Peak.
Again, the Peak hike is about 10 miles round trip, 4000' elevation gain, takes somewhere between 7 to 10 hours. First half of the trail is pretty well maintained, and second half is still fair.
A hard hike, but the view is very rewarding. Daytime is getting longer, and it should be nice, warm and cozy on the peak, unless the Old-Man-of-Wind plays a trick on us... Oh well, since nobody knows his mood, we will have to leave it at that...
Do your usual drill, food and water, sturdy hiking boots, and don't forget to bring along your good knees and strong legs. Let's do the Peak!
Meet us 7:30am at Milagro Coffee, or, 8:00am at La Cueva Picnic Area Parking Lot of Dripping Springs.