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Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club
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Alternative meeting point: There are two campgrounds (Upper and Lower Scorpion ( near the cliff dwellings. You can either camp there Friday night or arrive Saturday morning. Camping is free, the campgrounds are open 24 hrs, and no permit is required. There will be a carpool leaving from the NMSU Pan Am center Friday (time TBD).

* Since the Gila is running high we will be taking a 17 mile route along Little Creek:

We should get back early enough to tour the cliff dwellings on Sunday if anyone wants to do that.

We will be leaving Friday evening, camping Friday night at an established campground, spending Saturday night in the backcountry, and returning Sunday evening.

We won't be making numerous river crossings as originally planned, but it is still advisable to wear clothing appropriate to backpacking (jeans and other cotton clothing is not recommended).

Weather forecast: Sunny with highs in low 70s, lows in low 40s. Winds 12 - 15 mph. It may be slightly colder at the higher elevations.

Suggested gear list:

- Sleeping bag (20 degree or lower, bags tend to not be as warm as advertised)
- Sleeping pad
- Tent, bivy, or backpacking hammock

- Headlamp

- Camelbak or nalgene bottles

- Thermals/long johns (e.g. underarmour or other synthetic material, merino wool) - baselayer
- Quick drying t-shirt and pants (polypro, nylon, merino) - midlayer
- Fleece or similar jacket - outerlayer
- Hiking boots or trail running shoes with change of socks (merino wool is good). In case we decide to take the Gila trail, a change of shoes for the end of the day is advisable - either sandals or tennis shoes. If you wear hiking boots/shoes during the day and change into sandals/tennis shoes at the end of the day, your boots should be dry enough to be comfortable on Sunday as long as you bring an extra pair of merino/synthetic socks.
- Instant type food (ramen, granola bars, pb&j wraps, etc)
- I will bring my alcohol stove which you are welcome to use
Pack with hipbelt (this takes weight off your shoulders)
- I have two spare packs that I can loan
- Toiletries (baby wipes, hand sanitizer, TP - no need for soap on a two night trip)