Little Bear Canyon

Hosted by Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club

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The hike is about a 11 mile hike beginning at the Gila National Monument. I’m calling this moderate difficulty only because of the distance but other than that it is a nice hike. This a loop hike by returning via the Middle Fork which require a few river crossings so you will get your feet wet but it's not deep. A change of shoes for after the hike is recommended.
If you haven’t hiked the Gila you’ll want to go back, just ask anyone that went last year.

I usually don't schedule a hike this far away on a Sunday but there has been a big interest in camping out the night before. So there are a couple of options.

1. For those who are not campers it's a 3.5 hour drive from Las Cruces which makes for an early morning or
2. Stay in Silver City Saturday which is a little less than an hour from the Gila visitor center. Silver is a neat town and the Palace hotel is reasonable and in the middle of town.
3. Camp out close by the Gila Visitor center or
4. camp out at the intersection of Little Bear and the Middle Fork close to the hot springs.

All four of these options are possible with a little coordination.
If you're interested let me know what you'd like to do and I'll coordinate.