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Roundup Cliffs... to Pyramid Peak


Pyramid Peak is an interesting little knob on the Ridge between Alamo Canyon and Caballero Canyon, on the Aquaduct Ridge Trail (Road!) It rarely gets any attention because there has not been decent access up to the ridge, and folks do not seem to enjoy the pipeline route coming off the ridge (It is our very own little Via Ferrata!) Even Yubao seemed to under appreciate that interesting ending to one of our upper ridge hikes!)

But Now... It is all different!

Not only is there a gentle trail route up or down the ridge, it coincides perfectly with the new trail route that loops around lower Alamo Canyon! The old standby was to loop up and over the Roundup Grounds on T107... or, to slog along the Alamo Canyon bottom... along the T104 Route (can not call that a trail... though it is officially)

This new trail loops around below the Roundup Grounds Plateau, and above the bottom of Alamo Canyon. It follows the top of the lower cliffs. This bench hike follows a well established game trail and makes for a great alternative to the other two paths.

And again... it leads right to the Pipe Springs Spur Trail which is our hiway up to the ridge to score Pyramid Peak.

Two new routes to enjoy!

This hike is oriented for Terri's Friday hiking group, but I'm posting it in case anyone else would like to join us for the fun. They may be turning around, just hiking the new Roundup Cliffs trail. I will continue on to the Peak, then probably add in the extra elevation hit of T107 for the return hike... if we feel up to that!

The connections for this new route are oddly enough off opposite ends of Trail 107, the Roundup Grounds Trail. The access is easy, but not too obvious. A good reason to join us on this day would be to simply check out the new routing.

Note: this group starts early and promptly... if you are not going to show up on time, you may want to try to call and let me know: 520-258-8898. If I get the call I'll wait a little while!

If you choose to go all the way to Pyramid Peak, this hike is around 9 miles with 1600' of AEG. Sections are off trail, but the off trail is easier than walking the official trail up Alamo Canyon!

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Alamo Canyon Trailhead (t104)
110 Alamo Canyon Rd, 32.863696, -105.919251 · Alamogordo, NM
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