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Grindstone Mesa Trail


Continuing with the Monday Dollar Bus Ride hikes over in Ruidoso!

This week: The system of trails up to and on top of Grindstone Mesa... all on trail (...if we can find it!).

Trail 91...Trail 91A...Trail 91B

Last week was an off trail trek up to the Mesa... and a tracking of the primary trail. This week will include all of the Grindstone Trail, then ideally the Grindstone Mesa loop trail... and the Grindstone Mesa Spur trail, over to the boundary of the Indian Reservation.

After the hike: contribute funds at the slot machines.

The buses run every 1.5 hours, heading back to Alamogordo, with the last bus leaving at 6pm. I usually head home between 1-3pm, but these routes may take awhile, and I'm hiking slow of late. You do not have to wait for me; we can take different buses home...

Bus departs at 6am from the White Sands Mall. Z-Trans: $1 each way (cheaper if you're old)

This starts out as a ridge hike. It is not easy...
White Sands Mall
3199 North White Sands Boulevard, 32.929609, -105.963801 · Alamogordo, NM
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