music and The Game


After a fresh shower, the caveman gets out of his cave door. A double rainbow is arching right above, over the trees, turning the glimmering treetops golden; the birds are calling out to each other, expressing their joy of life; the creek is hyper-excited, bouncing off boulders, laughing loud in the rock bed. The caveman stands there, the freshness of the universe penetrates all his senses, inundates his lungs, augments his whole existence. The caveman forgets all his fear, his insecurity, his worries, his troubles. He does not know what is beauty, what is art. He only knows that he wants to pause his life, bottle this moment, and keep it forever.

As a caveman myself, I proudly declare that I do not understand music, I only understand that music, especially classic music, could well be one of these bottled moments. My fellow hikers, please come and join us, for one brief evening, forget all the vicissitudes of life, put down tonnes of things you are busying with in your hand, just pause your life, and settle yourself comfy in a chair, let's enjoy some chamber music.

The local quartet are playing trio sonatas of Baroque period composed by Telemann, Vivaldi, and C. P. E. Bach, on violin, oboe, bassoon, and harpsichord. They are playing in the Creative Art Room of Good Samaritan Society at 3011 Buena Vida. In a comment Renee explained very clearly what Good Samaritan Society does. Coming to this free event, besides having a good time, we are morally supporting the community, supporting local musicians. And Roberta, a very active hiker in the group, is playing violin.

After the concert, we will move to The Game, located at University and Espina, with the address of 2605 S Espina St., chug some cold draft, nibble some Hot Wings, or even bite a Dirt Dog, catch the tail of your favorite sports game (the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game Five is on), and have some good time.

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