Mount Elbert (highest point in CO)

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For those who can get the days off, and want to get this crossed off their bucket list now rather than later. Following Wheeler Peak (, I'll be doing Mount Elbert, the highest point in Colorado and highest point in the US Rocky Mountains (14439 ft—only 1300 ft more than Wheeler!)

It will start snowing on both Wheeler and Elbert by September—it's now or next year, for me at least!

Mount Elbert is in the interior of Colorado and is a headache to get to for us from southern NM/west Texas (it is nowhere near an Interstate). It is only 5 hours from Taos and will be a gorgeous drive!

My plan is to leave Taos Sunday, drive to a town nearby Elbert, camp or get a motel room (preferably somewhere near craft beer), and hike up Elbert Monday. I will be returning to Las Cruces Tuesday.

We will be doing the southern approach from CO highway 82. It is shorter than the route we take going up/down Wheeler, and I'm told it's also easier than Wheeler (not verified).

I do not have all the details planned out yet but am announcing this now so people can take off from work/make arrangements/etc.

Further details TBA.

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