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Rabbit Ears Plateau

Hosted by Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club

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Meet at the Pass Trailhead around 0930, or the actual trailhead to the south a bit later and hike up Rabbit Ears Canyon to at least the saddle between south RE and the plateau. Park near the road, or a bit higher up, and hike roughly 3,000' and 6 miles round trip. Plan for heat, possible rain, and a nice hike.

I think this hike is more fun than Organ Needle, though the views are not as good. However, monsoon humidity knocks them down as it is. The over all hiking is more fun, but not to be taken lightly. I advise against beginners.

I haven't been up here since April when it was very dry. Just as the route up Organ Needle now has flowing water and the grasses are getting lush, this route may have water in the canyon and I expect some grass and flowers. I wonder how the pines are on the plateau?

Also, not a really a dog friendly hike, but if you can carry them when needed and bring water for them in the areas where no pools are found, I am fine with an off leash hund getting into the brush and flushing out dinner.

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