Achenbach Canyon


Achenbach Canyon is one of the longest Organ Mountain canyons on the west side. Exactly because it's long, it's easy to hike (the rising up of the trail is gradual). With meadows and all, especially after recent big downpour of rains, the canyon should have turned lush green, with wild flowers dotting like stars in the darkest night.

The hike will take about 3 to 4 hours, and we might go as far as 2.5 miles into the canyon, and that would make the round trip the longest 5 miles.

This is an easy, beginner hike. We will take multiple breaks to rest our legs and calm our hearts as necessary.

If you are not comfortable climbing some of the Organ Peaks, I am with you. If you are skipping Squaw Mountain hike of the same day, I totally understand. (Heck, that's why this hike is being scheduled.) If you still have excuses for not coming to this hike, well... It's your call!

Meet us at Milagro's Coffee at 8:00am for carpooling.

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