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Dripping Springs

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If Labor Day's 'Rough and Ready' hike turned out to be a little bit rough, there's absolutely no surprises on Dripping Springs hike. After all, it is a walk in the park.

While some hikers were roughing it up at 'Rough and Ready', Yubao checked Dripping Springs out on Labor Day. Not only the Visitor Center parking lot was full, at peak time, the overflow parking area was full too. Old and young, big and small, tall and short, all sorts of people showed up to enjoy a day at the park.

Springs were running. The reservoir was overflowing. Even though the Visitor Center had a big sign says "No Swimming", a few teenagers jumped into the reservoir. And their youthful bodies were not regarded as a beautiful scene.

So, for our hikers, it is strongly recommended to resist the temptation of jumping in the water on this hike. However, when you get to the waterside, feel free to let your imagination fly, and let your high spirit glide into the bottom of the pond; and since nobody can see that, what the heck, why don't you virtually skip-dip too:).

We will park at the Visitor Center, take the trail west, jump across the arroyo (there IS water running), visit the Hermit's Cave first. Then along the trail, circle to the back of the big rocks, pay our tribute to the waterfall of Fillmore Canyon. The next leg would be visiting the reservoir and the ruins, the main course of this hike.

The whole hike is less than 4 miles, all on well maintained trail, with couple hundred feet of elevation gain in total. Since we are stopping at every scenic spot, the hike might take somewhere between 2-3 hours.

No doubt, this is a hike that could be enjoyed by any level of hikers. Bring your family, invite your neighbors along, let's have a nice Saturday morning in the Park!

Unfortunately, for pet owners, your dogs are not allowed on this hike.

Depends on the group's mood, we might go for group lunch somewhere after the hike.

Meet us at Milagro Coffee at 8:00am for carpooling, or 8:30am at Dripping Springs Visitor Center.
Milagro Coffee
1733 East University Avenue · Las Cruces, NM
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