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White Sands Balloon Festival and Nature Trail

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Last year I tried to plan a WS trip to see the balloons lift-off over the dunes and two days before they changed the launch place to Alamogordo. I hope that does not happen this year. The launch time is 7am. I plan on getting to the park when the gates open at 6 am in order to potentially beat the rush and see the teams set up the balloon before the launch. I would like to watch the balloons lift off and hopefully get to ride in one (I saw the pictures from last year!).

Afterwards we will do a short (1 mile) hike at the nature trail towards the entrance of the park.

Because of the crowd, it will be very difficult to meet at or anywhere near the park (we will not have reliable cell phone service from the balloon launch point), so if you wish to stay as a group please meet at 5 am at K-Mart. Also, please respect that we are getting up at 5 am and do not be late.

Please bring (apart from the obvious, like water):

• Any necessary paperwork for immigration (there is a checkpoint!)

• A potassium-containing snack (i.e. banana) — going up & down dunes is tiring, and we don't want to take too long.

• Sweater/jacket — it may be chilly in the morning and on the dunes

• Camera!

DISTANCE is ~1 mi loop.

ELEVATION GAIN negligible.

FEES: $3/person. If you have a Federal Lands Pass, please bring them; they are accepted here. If you carpool, please remember to compensate your driver.

TRIP DURATION: Meet at 5 am I am planning on getting back to Las Cruces before noon.

PET FRIENDLY? Yes. Pets must be on a leash or physically restrained at all times (park rules).

SKILL LEVEL is beginner. This does not mean it's OK for you to not be in shape!

TERRAIN is gypsum sand dunes. The recommendation is that you walk barefoot; otherwise, high-ankle boots/shoes with gaiters (to keep sand out of your shoes) also work great.

WEATHER High of 81, 20% chance of rain. Will be cold that early in the morning.

AFTERWARDS we'll go home.

MEET for carpool at:

• Las Cruces: 5:00 am, K-Mart parking lot on North Main/US 70 and Del Rey, near Shell. GPS: 32.35083°N, 106.76538°W (,-106.76538) (see on Google Maps (,-106.76538&z=18), OpenStreetMap (, USGS topo map (,-106.76538&marker0=32.35083,-106.76538&z=18))

• El Paso: Please self-organize… use comments below.


• White Sands Balloon Invitation from the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce (
Kmart Parking Lot
Hwy 70 & Telshor Blvd, Take I-25, Exit 6 · Las Cruces, NM
How to find us

Northeast corner near Shell

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