Osha Trail and Apple Festival


This is Apple Festival in High Rolls.

In order to alleviate the guilty feelings of wolfing down delicious apple pie or pies, or whatever delicious stuff is going on there, we will do a pompous hike first.

Osha trail, 2.2 miles round trip, with 300' of elevation gain, is right outside of the gate of Cloudcroft Village. The aspens are glowing with a drunken blush; the air is as crispy as chilled wine, just at the right temperature. A fine Saturday morning's short saunter (2 hours maximum?) in hiker's paradise, then rush to the felicity of the Annual Apple Festival at High Rolls.

What more are you looking for for a Saturday? Bring your family; drag your neighbors along; let's go!

We meet at Kmart at 8:00am for carpooling.