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3 rivers to Lookout Mountain?

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Hike from Three Rivers CG up the trail, and hopefully all the way to Lookout Mountain at the Ski area. I hope to start around 830, and get down no later than 8 PM. Turn around time will be about 60% of the way through the day, unless really near the summit.

This is a very scenic area with lots of rocks, trees, and stuff. Probably a lot of green things, too. Last time I was here I saw a big brown thing. A bear. I am hoping this weekend starts with some aspen color, if it isn't peaking. My guess is this will not be peak time or near peak, but I have off. Too early yet for oak and lower canyon veg changes.

If Rabbit Ear Canyon was any indication, there will be lots of water in the creek on this hike, as there was in April. There has been a ton of rain, if you've been living in a box.

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