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Mars Canyon to Ladera Canyon via Ridge


Wake up right with this Mars Canyon climb up to a sunny ridge and over to Ladera canyon and out. Great way to start a Sunday!

Length - 6mi
Duration - expect 4-5 hrs
Difficulty - Strenuous
Gain - 800ft
Trail - Some off-trail, but nothing too thick
Pets - My dog had no trouble; use your discretion

3L water (or more)
Snacks (potassium, carbs, sugar)
Long Pants and Sleeves (recommended)
Sunscreen and Hat
Proper Hiking Boots/Shoes

Milagro's at 7:30am or Achenbach trailhead by 7:55.

I did this hike last weekend and the early morning sun made it spectacular.

We'll start out with our ascent hiking up Mars Canyon which will allow us to hike the more strenuous portion of this trip in the shade. Once we get up to the ridge-line, we'll get our first taste of sunlight along with gorgeous mountain views; from here, it's ~30-min hike along an easy-to-follow ridge-line trail that goes up and over several little peaks before reaching a junction where we will then do minor off-trail trekking into Ladera canyon until we meet the established trail that'll lead us back to the cars.

I didn't bring track my distance/elevation gain last weekend when I did this, and someone else may have the data to improve the accuracy of this page, but I estimate the hike at roughly 6 miles, 800ft/gain, and it should take us between 4-5 hours (I did it in 3hrs with breaks to enjoy the sights and take pics); it's not too difficult of a hike, but the ascent of Mars will get your heart and lungs pumping because it can be rather strenuous.
Milagro Coffee
1733 East University Avenue · Las Cruces, NM
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