Orogrande Gold Digging


This could be a fun trip.

Steven Kreitner is a member of an El Paso gold digging club. This Saturday he will lead a gold digging event of the meetup group at Orogrande (like Rio Grande means big river, Orogrande means big gold).

We meet at K-Mart, Las Cruces at 7:30am and carpool to the mine site at Orogrande.

As the rule goes, before lunch, whatever you panned out belongs to the club. And after lunch, whatever you find is your own.

Free lunch is provided (hotdogs and such), but you are welcome to bring anything of your own to share.

There is raffling also. the raffle ticket is $1.

The panning process is, very roughly, dig dirt and carry it with bucket to a panning facility to pan the dirt out for gold. Most diggers work in groups and evenly share whatever they got at the end. Shovels and buckets are provided. Bring a pair of work gloves. Wear long pants, long sleeve sturdy shirt and boots. Bring something to sit on, like a stool or something. Be prepared to get dirty.

Be warned, it is hard labor, and it could be an all day event. And of course, you may feel that you already got enough workout way before the end of the day and just want to go home, we will call it day at that point. You can expect plenty of muscle flexing, and feel humongous reward as a result. As for gold, you may end up having a bit at the end of the day (believe you me, that gold will be valued more than any gold you have ever seen before). But don't raise your expectation too high and struck rich in a day and go quit your day job by Monday.

Again, meet the group at K-Mart at 7:30am, expect to have some new fun, and meanwhile, have the mathematical probability of striking a fist size lump of gold. But please, complain about your aching muscles only to yourself, and nobody else on your drive/ride back.

Have fun!

For more information, please contact Steve at[masked] or post on the website.

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