Rabbit Ears Massif


Last minute (the best minute?) cross-posting w/ the El Paso Hiking Meetup. We'll be doing a Las Cruces local hike: Rabbit Ears Massif.

To get there, we'll be going through Rabbit Ears Canyon, a beautiful canyon, with straight shot up rock cliffs, jagged and threatening, with a variety of rock formations and hues of color resulting from different mineral components. This hike involves plenty of bouldering, small waterfall climbing and bedrock scrambling. The climb from the saddle to the summit is steep but short.

DISTANCE is ~8 mi round-trip.

ELEVATION GAIN is ~3600 ft gained.

FEES: None. Of course, if you carpool, please compensate your driver for gas!

DURATION: Finish by late afternoon.

PET FRIENDLY? Sort of… your dog needs to be in good shape. Much of this trail involves bouldering over which your pet will have to do much climbing and hopping. Bring a muzzle (you shouldn't need be told to bring a proper leash), and if you'd like to unleash, ask others before you do so.

SKILL LEVEL is difficult. Don't whine and please don't plan on turning around.

TERRAIN is high-desert, rocky trail followed by bouldering up a canyon.

WEATHER is clear & sunny, high in upper 60s.

AFTERWARDS we will get late lunch somewhere in town.

MEET for carpool at:

• Las Cruces: 7:30 am, in/outside Milagro Coffee at Pan Am Plaza. Open at 6:30 am on the weekends, the coffee, breakfast burritos, and bagels (fresh on the weekends) are all good here. GPS:[masked]°N,[masked]°W (see on Google Maps (http://maps.google.com/?q=32.287339,-106.745122&z=18), OpenStreetMap (http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=32.287339&mlon=-106.745122&zoom=18), USGS topo map (http://mapper.acme.com/?ll=32.287339,-106.745122&marker0=32.287339,-106.745122&z=18))

• El Paso: 7:00 am, I-10 and Redd Road Kohl's, in the south end of the parking lot near Starbucks. GPS:[masked]°N,[masked]°W (see on Google Maps (http://maps.google.com/?q=31.865651,-106.576615&z=18), OpenStreetMap (http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=31.865651&mlon=-106.576615&zoom=18), USGS topo map (http://mapper.acme.com/?ll=31.865651,-106.576615&marker0=31.865651,-106.576615&z=18)). Note: your organizer is not meeting here, please self-organize!

• Topp Hut Road Trailhead: 8:00 am. If you don't know how to get here, then don't meet us here! GPS:[masked]°N,[masked]°W (see on Google Maps (http://maps.google.com/?q=32.3655,-106.6144&z=18), OpenStreetMap (http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=32.3655&mlon=-106.6144&zoom=18), USGS topo map (http://mapper.acme.com/?ll=32.3655,-106.6144&marker0=32.3655,-106.6144&z=18))

Attendees (3)