Ladera Canyon /Apache Cave


Apache Canyon is a beautiful box canyon of the Organ Mountains. There are a lot of desert plants turning green or blooming bright this time of the year.

We will park at Mars Canyon/Ladera Canyon trail head parking lot, take the trail in Ladera Canyon for about a mile and half to get to Apache Cave. This part of the hike is all on trail. And the climbing is gradual, with only around 500' of elevation gain.

Apache Cave is an interesting cave for you to find out. Since I do not want to spoil your fun of the adventure, in case you haven't hiked up to it yet, I am not going to give a detailed description of it here.

After Apache cave, we may go off trail and climb up to the south ridge, and walk the ridge a bit. On the ridge, we will have a very nice view of Rio Grande River Valley, Las Cruces, Westside of El Paso, the Florida Mountains, the Gila Wilderness (if it's clear enough).

The part of climbing up to the ridge and the walking on the ridge could be steep, pretty strenuous, thus naturally demands energy, physical strength and agility.

Depends on how far we get to climb, this section could be somewhere between one mile to over two miles. That would make the round trip of the whole hike somewhere between 5 to 7 miles. The elevation gain could reach somewhere around 1200' to 1500'.

Length - 6mi
Duration - expect 5-6 hrs
Difficulty Level - moderate
Gain - 1200ft
Trail - Some off-trail, but nothing too thick
Pets - My dog had no trouble; use your discretion

3L water (or more)
Snacks (potassium, carbs, sugar)
Long Pants and Sleeves (recommended)
Sunscreen and Hat
Proper Hiking Boots/Shoes


Meet us for carpool at Milagro Coffee at 8:00am or at trailhead at 8:30am.


We may go for lunch together if everybody's up to it.