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Explore Monticello Canyon Trail [exploratory]

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The Monticello Canyon is 21 miles northwest of T or C. The trail is a jeep trail, winding through the canyon, along the Alamosa River/Creek. The trail crosses the river about 100 times. The water comes from a spring called Warm Spring (does hot springs in T or C area ring a bell?). You can be assured that the stream is crystal clear and cool, and it would be a much pleasure to dip your feet in. The river is only about 12'' deep. So, bring your water shoes if you want. Or, you can just bring your bare feet (not recommended though).

This is an exceedingly beautiful and pristine canyon, and there are private properties along the trail. There are remains of the Ojo Caliente Indian Reservation. 125 years ago, Geronimo and his followers were arrested here. And that was April of 1874.

This is the first time we are foraying into this canyon as a group, so it's exploratory. But it should be an interesting hike. If we are only interested in exploring the ruins, we can drive right up there. But with plenty of water running, we may not be able to resist walking along the stream a bit more. So, the hiking distance could be only couple miles of walking around; or, we may choose to walk a bit more to work up a good appetite for lunch.

Talking about lunch, we are going to have a picnic right by the water. So, bring your favorite foods to share with the group if you want. Or keep your food to yourself (like if you are a very picky eater).

We did not try to find out if there's fire restriction or not. But fire is not necessary to begin with. Why bother.

Water melon would be something essential, though.

So, it's just a day to get out of the heat, and the noise of the city, get to the water, in a cool canyon, enjoy nature, enjoy the day, enjoy life.

If you care to comment what you are bringing, that's fine. You can keep it as a surprise for the group, if you want to.

See you 7:00am at the Kmart parking lot.
Kmart Parking Lot
Hwy 70 & Telshor Blvd, Take I-25, Exit 6 · Las Cruces, NM
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