Gila Lower Box Canyon Exploratory Hike


The Gila Box Canyon is a true oasis in the desert, 20 miles north of Lordsburg, New Mexico. Since livestock were removed from the river canyon in 1990, a lush thicket of cottonwood, willows, and other riparian vegetation have taken over. The area provides some of the best birding in New Mexico. Home to approx. 200 species, it has one of the highest bird diversities in the state. The area provides habitat to many rare and unusual birds including Bell's vireo, peregrine, bald eagle, Gila woodpecker, And Albert's towhee. The river provides opportunities for canoeing or rafting during spring runoff, and year-round fishing and camping. The river contains smallmouth bass and several species of catfish.


This is a day trip, road is not paved, it's a bladed County Road. we might need high clearance cars. About 2 1/2 hour one way trip.