3rd Saturday Canyon Series: Progressive!

Hosted by Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club

Public group


Picnic Canyon: P3

...this recent addition to our canyon adventures offers an interesting variety of ups and across'... with a more open exposure than most of this series...

We approach using the Roundup Cliffs trail... enjoying the Arch... then do a traverse exit down to the mouth of Picnic. We'll do a fast check of one of the more dramatic Dryfall formations (P3)... then loop around and up to the top of the Dark Cliffs, following them around to upper P3.

We will enjoy the longest stretch of hypersteep bedrock to the top of that cut... then do a ridge descent back down and around. We will pass Rosario's Roost!

Exit is along the top of the Dark Cliffs...

This day includes the New Years Day Route... plus all of upper P3!

Bring lots of food and water... plan on a long day! This will be technically easy... physically demanding.

We have dedicated theThird Saturday each month for the next six months for a series of Alamogordo Canyon hikes to both enjoy the Cuts... and to allow folks to work their way up to a level where they can enjoy the more demanding hikes, culminating in the final Adventure:

Marble Canyon South.

Class I and Class II Canyoneering... Off Trail... Not for Beginners (...unless they do the entire series start to finish?!!

We tend to start on time... call if you are running late!

October: Ortega South (lower/middle)... Leah's Lair...
November: Marble: Staircase... Surprise... Quarry?
December: Marble: Slab... Spur
January: Ortega North... Yubao's Cut... Jim's Cut
February: Picnic Canyon P3...
March: Marble South... Hershberger peak!!!
April: ?????

8am start to allow El Paso and Las Cruces hikers to commute over...