Celebrating the regereration of the bone tree hike


A little bit of the history first. On the trail to the Narrows, there was a dead cholla, for years the hikers festooned it with old bones, called it the bone tree, and made it a break spot on hikes. It was quite a scene and hikers loved that. Through word of mouth, among the hikers, the bone tree was known far and wide.

As the elements wore down the dead cholla, the bone tree was crumpling gradually itself. A lot us hated to see the bone tree dying and could not do anything about it.

To make things worse, last spring, this iconic display was totally trashed. When the Ocotillo hikers found that out, they carried backpacks' of old bones up there, recreated the bone tree at the original spot. This new bone tree was an actual tree.

To their dismay, again, their effort was vandalized. Les, the Great Dictator of the Ocotillo hikers, was so disappointed and angry, that he had an "a" word for those who did it.

On November 12, they returned and rebuilt the bone tree with some fresh old bones (if the phrase makes any sense to you).

This hike is a pilgrimage to celebrate its rebirth!

The roundtrip is about 5 miles, with about 1,000' of elevation gain. The whole hike is on trail. It is an easy hike that most hikers can enjoy.

Had you paid your tribute to the bone tree and enjoyed its beauty before... well... you know you need to be part of the pilgrimage.

Had you never acquainted yourself with the bone tree, nor even heard of it... well... what are you waiting for? This will be the golden chance for you to have the honor to make the connection with the bone tree!

Meet the group at 8:00am at Milagros or 8:30am at La Cueva picnic area parking lot.

If you would like to hang your own fresh bones (the bones from the holiday season was what I meant, I don't want to raise some eyebrows, as the saying goes) on the bone tree, you just need to bring them along.

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