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Achenbach Canyon Sauntering

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Achenbach Canyon is one of the few slow rising canyons in the Organs. It is a broad canyon. The Jornada Hiking and Outdoor Club hike there quite often, thus we have become very familiar with the lay of the area. That said, we often find some nooks and crannies are more interesting than others, and yet to be investigated.

We will explore some new area this time, that means, part of the hike will be off trail. Knowing the terrain, we don't expect anything difficult or very adventurous. Hey, what the heck, "adventurousness" is a mindset type of thing. A five-year-old exploring the closet, no doubt about, could be a very brave thing. In the same spirit, a bunch of grown-ups muster up enough courage to get out of bed fairly early on a SATURDAY MORNING, venture into Achenbach Canyon, nobody would doubt the adventurousness of that! Does that arouse your interest yet?

It's an easy hike, a fun hike. Approximately, 4~5 miles?

If you are still not tempted, how about we surprisingly find that the hike ends at Spotted Dog Brewery?!

DISTANCE 4~5 miles

ELEVATION GAIN less than 1000'

FEES: None. Of course, if you carpool, please compensate your driver for gas!

DURATION: Finish by late morning/early afternoon.


SKILL LEVEL beginner friendly.

TERRAIN - a little rocky so hiking boots are preferred.


AFTERWARDS Spotted Dog Brewery

MEET for carpool at:

Milargo Coffee on University Ave, Las Cruces, NM
Milagro Coffee
1733 East University Avenue · Las Cruces, NM
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