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Ridge Behind Prehistoric Trackways Exploratory

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Many of you may have been to the Prehistoric Trackways, now part of the Organ Mountains and Desert Peaks National Monument. But for most of you, the rolling hills behind that area has yet to be explored.

Sometime yesteryear, a couple of us ventured into that area. We found a cave, and there were signs of ancient human dwelling. We found some fossils. We climbed to the ridge.

This time we would like to go back there again, do some more exploring.

Expect around 1000' of elevation gain, total distance of 4-5 miles. As the nature of the hike is off trail and exploratory, the difficulty level would be somewhere moderate leaning towards difficult.

The hike is expected to end in early afternoon.

It should make an interesting weekend outing.

DISTANCE 4~5 miles

ELEVATION GAIN less than 1000'

FEES: None. Of course, if you carpool, please consider compensating your driver for gas!

DURATION: Finish by late morning/early afternoon.


SKILL LEVEL average.

TERRAIN - a little rocky so hiking boots are preferred.

WEATHER is sunny with bit clouds, high in the mid 40s.

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