Sierra Vista Trail


Sierra Vista Trail is a 32-mile from north end at Dripping Springs Road to the south end in Tom Mays Park. It is on the west mesa of Organ-Franklin mountain range. It is largely flat, with slight ups and downs in and out of arroyos. It is well maintained and marked. It is a perfect trail for beginner hikers and beginner mountain bikers.

This Sunday, we will hike portion of the trail. We will start at the parking lot at Soledad Canyon Road and head south, and hike the most hiked portion of this trail. On the right hand side (going south) of trail, there are beautiful mile markers of stones on the ground. So besides following the cairns and official trail markers, please peel your eyes for these elegantly decorated mile markers. With the expectation of the markers, the no-drama hike turns to be interesting, and a perfect practice for beginner hikers for trail tracing.

Please seek out the mile markers, and we may turn around at mile marker 4, and that would make the round trip 8 miles. Another option would be turning around at the wire fence gate. Since the gate is somewhere between the 3 mile marker and the 4, that makes the roundtrip around 7?

It is definitely a far cry from walking on pavement, but still, it's obviously an easy hike.

The weather is going to be perfect, the high is in the lower 60s (I always have confidence in the climatologist).

Meet us at Milagros Café at 8:00am or 8:30am at Sierra Vista Trail trailhead at Soledad Canyon Road.

DISTANCE 8 miles


FEES: None. Of course, if you carpool, please consider compensating your driver for gas!

DURATION: Finish by late morning/early afternoon.


SKILL LEVEL beginner friendly.

TERRAIN - a little rocky so hiking boots are preferred.

WEATHER is sunny with high in the lower 60s.

AFTERWARDS up for a vote

MEET for carpool 8:00am at:

Milagro Coffee (

1733 East University Avenue, Las Cruces, NM