Baylor Canyon to Pine Tree Trail Primative Camp: Part Deux [backpacking]

Hosted by Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club

Public group


1. MEET Saturday Morning at BAYLOR CANYON TRAILHEAD. Carpoolers can meet at Kmart.

2. HIKE from BAYLOR CANYON TRAILHEAD over the pass,


3. REST a bit, then HIKE uphill to the PINE TREE TRAIL PRIMITIVE CAMP.

4. MAKE CAMP and relax, enjoying the peaceful views of the Tularosa Basin.

5. HIKE back to BCT or you can be picked up at AGUIRRE.

Mileage is aprox. 7mi. to camp. I will be leaving on Friday morning to camp, but can hike down Saturday Morning to meetup with anyone wanting to go. If anyone wants to meet at Aguirre Springs that's fine too. Passes are 7.00 a night. Cash only.


WATER: There is a perrenial stream 100 meters from the primitive camp, but I will also be caching water at Baylor Pass as a backup. Bring enough for your comfort level.

WEATHER: It will be cold and maybe damp, but manageable. I recommend bringing a set of warm sleeping clothes and dry socks. A proper, sleeping bag and pad is essential. I will have a nice fire going at night as well.

GEAR: have an isobutane stove to cook with, and to disinfect water. (The spring water tastes great!) I also have a set of Radios for Comms. I get cell service at Aguirre.

NOTES: I try to get out here once a month and am very familiar with the trails and am an experienced backpacker. I also have CPR and first aid training if that is a concern. See my blog for an idea of what to expect. If there is interest I will host this again.

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