The Narrows


The Narrows is named after the narrowest point of Fillmore Canyon of about 50 feet wide. With cliffs of 300 feet on both sides, leaning towards each other on the top, it is quite a unique view.

We will park at the visitor center, walk half mile on Crawford Trails to Modoc Mine. We will enter the gate, get on Fillmore Canyon Trail, take the right fork (south fork) to climb up the slope on the right of the canyon. We will look down at the waterfall 150 feet below us. This particular time, the waterfall is running big. The morning sun plays in the mist of the waterfall, gives it all the colors of a rainbow.

The trail runs through oaks, pinons, alligator junipers, and assortment of desert vegetation. This summer, the Organ Mountains is a lush green, with wild flowers blooming.

We will cross the stream in the Canyon once.

We will take breaks as needed for photo taking, hydration or snacking. And we will take a longer break right at the Narrows to give everybody ample time to admire the beauty of it.

Expect 4 miles, with 500 ft. of elevation gain.

Meet at:

Las Cruces: At 8:30 am, in/outside Milagro's Coffee at Pan Am Plaza. See map (OpenStreetMap ( or Google Maps (,-106.745166&aq=&sll=32.304328,-106.770802&sspn=0.057166,0.086174&ie=UTF8&ll=32.28755,-106.745288&spn=0.014929,0.021544&t=h&z=16)).

Dripping Springs Visitor Center: 8:45 am, from where we'll go down to the Fillmore Canyon trailhead.

Fees: $3/vehicle. If you've a BLM or Golden Age pass, please bring it.

More information:

Trail map ( on OpenStreetMap w/ topography

GPS track (