Achenbach Canyon Hike/Art Show/winery


We'll hike into Achenbach canyon and explore the surrounding peaks, caves, waterfalls, and perhaps find some hidden treasure. Meet up for a new work by digital artist JD Jarvis. The exhibit entitled "Chance and Shadows" is divided into two separate collections one called "Divinations" exploring chance and randomness practices and the other" Shades of Noir" inspired by light and shadow typified by the book of "Film Noir" cinematic style.

the show is 2:00 PM to 3:00PM after the show we will go to the Luna Rosa winery.

Length - 4-5mi
Duration - expect 3-4 hrs
Difficulty - Moderate
Gain - 500ft
Trail - Some off-trail, but nothing too thick
Pets - My dog had no trouble; use your discretion

3L water (or more)
Snacks (potassium, carbs, sugar)
Long Pants and Sleeves (recommended)
Sunscreen and Hat
Proper Hiking Boots/Shoes

Milagro's at 7:30am or the Achenbach trailhead at 8:00