7 Waterfalls in the Roblebo Mountains/Pot luck BBQ Steve's house


The hike wanders over gradual back hills of the Robledo's while passing up and over 7 or more waterfalls with interesting rock formations along the route to the top of Faulkner Box Canyon, then loops around to the other side of the Box Canyon with a gradual descent with more falls along the way.

Moderate: lots of scrambling down and up the waterfalls Length: Approximately 4 miles and about 4 hours

Elevation: Approximately 900 feet from the trailhead their is one steep hill.

The drive to the trailhead is about 22 miles one way please compensate the driver for gas.

After the hike we might stop and get a glass of wine at Fort Stanto winery then go for lunch up the road for Mexican food.

There will be a pot luck BB party after the hike the party will start around 5:00 pm. Any questions please message me thru meet messaging.