Narrow Canyon in Robledo's Exploratory


One time I was supposed to do the Seven Waterfalls hike with the Ocotillo Hikers, and somehow I ended up in a different canyon. I walked a bit into the canyon, and did not get to explore the whole of it.

This Saturday, we are going to explore it. If you are adventurous enough, come and explore this canyon with us.

It is a narrow canyon. About 150' wide? Expect about 2 miles in, and 2 miles back. Elevation gain is approximately 1000'? Expect some minor scrambling on loose ground, off trail. It will take about four hours to do the hike.

There is a short stretch of dirt road to access the entrance of the canyon, but any vehicle should be able to drive through.

DISTANCE 4~5 miles


FEES: None. Of course, if you carpool, please consider compensating your driver for gas!

DURATION: Finish by late morning/early afternoon.


SKILL LEVEL intermediate.

TERRAIN - loose ground, off trail, possible minor scrambling.

WEATHER check back later, because I cannot trust the weatherman. (He's saying it's going to be cloudy, with the high 50 degrees.

AFTERWARDS up for a vote

MEET for carpool 7:30am at: