Jordan Hot Springs in the Gila

Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club
Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club
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NMSU Pan Am Center Parking lot

1810 East University · Las Cruces, NM

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North side of the parking lot, towards the old Park & Ride stop

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We'll be heading to Jordan Hot Springs in the Gila National Forest as a backup trip to Truchas.

We're leaving Friday at noon from Las Cruces (please eat lunch BEFORE meeting us), with the intent of getting to the main visitors area of the Gila as soon as possible to secure a car camping spot. It is Memorial Day Weekend, and we must get there early to secure a spot. Once we've secured a camping spot, we may do some (easy) day hikes in the late afternoon evening, perhaps around the Lake Roberts area or the National Monument.

Friday night, we will car camp somewhere in the Gila Basin. I'm thinking either the Lower or Upper Scorpion Campground. Please bring dollar bills (cash) for camping fees.

Saturday morning, we'll go over to TJ Corral, park, and hike up and over the ridge, down Little Bear Canyon, to the Middle Fork of the Gila to Jordan Hot Springs. If the weather is bad but not too terrible, we may do the backup trip to Granite Peak (see below). If the weather is particularly terrible we may head back to Las Cruces early (though, if it's particularly terrible, we may not actually be able to leave, haha). Jordan Hot Springs is ~7 mi.

Saturday night, we'll setup camp at Jordan Hot Springs. We'll be camping here Saturday and Sunday nights.

Sunday is a "free day", I'd like to do a 15–20 mi day hike (carrying no backpacking equipment other than water filter) off in some other direction. Some folks have indicated interest in climbing (please get in touch w/ Andy). If so inclined there's nothing stopping you from sitting in the hot springs all day, too.

Sunday night, we'll be camping in the same location as Saturday at Jordan Hot Springs.

Monday, we'll head back either the way we came, or via the Middle Fork of the Gila to the visitor's center. We'll decide based on how we feel. I want to get back to the cars by 3 pm and back to Las Cruces no later than 8 pm Monday evening.

In additional to normal backpacking gear (tent, sleeping pad, etc), please bring:

• water shoes/sturdy sandals: we will be crossing the Middle Fork of the Gila River a few times. 6–7 times, I think? The water may be knee high, or higher—do not rely on your boots!

• appropriate swimwear: should you want to soak in the springs

• towel: plan on getting wet

In summary:

• plan for 14 mi total of backpacking, 7 mi each day

• plan for river crossings and rain

BACKUP TRIP IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER: Instead of heading north towards Jordan Hot Springs, we'll head south towards Granite Peak, starting at Woody Corral. This part of the Gila is typically VERY dry, and if its' rainy, it means main arroyo we follow will have lots of water that would otherwise make this trip unreasonable. There are a few short stream (nothing as major as crossing the Gila) crossings. We will decide this Saturday morning, and not before then!

More information:

• HikeArizona description (