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Las Cruces Brewery Run Short Course 5.5 Miles

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Who is ready for a walk/hike of a new kind? Well, I have one for you!

The Las Cruces Brewery Short Run This will be on Saturday November 7 @ 12:00 PM.

Note you can just walk with us you are not required to drink.

Starting at Bosque brew you will drink a 12 OZ beer of your choice then walk/hike down to Spotted dog and have another 12 OZ. Then continue the hike walk to High Desert Brewery and drink a 12 OZ beer to complete the course.

The Event course will be posted soon and I will post it in the photos when it is published. Also, I will bring maps for everyone who RSVPs. You are welcome to run the entire course, but a group of us will be treating it like a pub crawl so don't worry about the run. Come for the comradery stay for the food! Note you can just walk with us you are not required to drink.

Here is the event on FB Link

Also we will have a couple cars on the end to ferry people back but more cars would be nice depending on size of our group!

Below is the description from the page!

The Las Cruces Brewery Runs are officially on.

This will be the short brewery run which will be a 5.5-mile course around Las Cruces.

You will start at Bosque Brewing Company, then run to Spotted Dog Brewery, and then finally finish at High Desert Brewery.

At each location, you will be required to drink a minimum of one 12oz beer (Your choice).

Bosque starts serving at exactly 12 and that is when we plan on starting so don't be late. We will all be at High Desert afterward celebrating with post run beers and food so join us.

- Please be courteous to your bartenders and tip them generously. Chances are you'll be buzzing by the time you hit High Desert and they'll know.

-You can take as much time as necessary to drink your beer and pay your tab. Therefore, you can relax a little at each brewery.

-Please bring a phone and some extra cash in case you can't finish and need a ride or taxi. -Bring a blank shirt beforehand and we can tag it up with our Beer Soaked logo and the Brewery Run stamp.

-First place will be awarded with a free beer courtesy of Beer Soaked at High Desert and will also be mentioned on our Fb page.

-This run will be based on the honor system. Everyone will be out there to have fun, drink beer, and run a little. If you plan on cheating just to win first then you're not the type of person we want to hang out with. If you want to skip a brewery or a beer then just let us know. If you plan on winning first please keep you receipt from each brewery so that we can verify your claim.

-The course will not be marked in any way and therefore it is your responsibility to know the course beforehand or print off one of our helpful little maps. -You will be running on streets with cars. Rule of Superior Tonnage and watch both ways before crossing the street. -You will be required to pay and tip your bartenders. We know them all pretty well and they'll tell us if you skimped the bill. Literally, they'll tell us and we'll have to pay for it so please don't.

-This is not an official event in any way shape or form. You are responsible for yourself. Therefore, please bring a designated driver with you. Also, please watch yourself. This is not an easy course and there will be the consumption of alcohol.

-Must be 21 years or older to join in.

-There is no registration fee or form because this is nothing more than a gathering of fellow runners/drinkers (idiots) to do something fun.

-You will not be finishing where you started. Therefore, you will need someone to either pick you up or drop you off. Please don't drink and drive. We're pretty damn tolerable individuals but not for that.

Check in the comments for the course map and we look forward to seeing you out there. Also, if you got any questions be sure to throw them our way.
Bosque Brewing Co. LC Tap Room
901 E University Ave Bldg 985 Suite 1B · Las Cruces, NM
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