Mystic Meander...


Cross Post with Alamo Trails:

...possibly the best route we will hike in 2015!

Note: West Side Road and Joplin Ridge Road are in better shape than usual... but it would still be a good idea to drive in using a higher clearance vehicle!

Lat. 32deg 46' 18.99" NLon 105deg 51' 28.48" W

We'll be dropping softly down into one of the most Exceptional Canyon sections to be found anywhere in the Sacramento Mountains... it will feel like we somehow transported over to the Ozarks...

Lichen covered cliffs, accented with a variety of hardwoods... if we're lucky we'll be catching those near the height of their color!

Our Amble will wind and twist along Bedrock shelves... broken by mostly flat gravel bottom... Easy walking for the most part.

We will pass through Pinon... I counted 10,333 nuts scattered loosely around the gentle hillside approach.

There is a full Elk Skeleton... if anyone can appreciate that!

Bottom Line: Best of the Best of Our Hidden Gems!!

Plan: Drive up Friday night to camp out at the drop in point... or, drive over and up to be there for the 9:30am start on Saturday.

6-7 hours easy...slow...ambling Meander.

How often do you get to hike under tree lined, tree sheltered... rock based,... hardwood colored routes???

This is your chance!!

This will be the first time I've ever taken a group into this cut and along this special route... likely will be a once per year hike!

From North Florida and Hiway 82 in Alamogordo it takes about an hour to get to the hike.

From High Rolls, you follow West Side Road (fr 90) just under 18 miles to Joplin Ridge Road... (fr 90B). Turn right (west) and follow this road over a mile to our Campsite.

Folks may want to coordinate on the Car Shuttle... I plan to go in on Friday... folks will need to set up their own rides!

Our slow pace will likely stretch the day out to 7 hours or longer... plan on 100+ stops for taking pictures... more?

This is a canyon hike but it is below the level of being called Canyoneering... we have one scramble complicated by a pool of water; we will come prepared! All but full Beginners should love the route!

It is extremely off Trail... but not difficult?

4 miles... less than 1,000' of climbing?