#OptOutside Black Friday Hike around "A" Mountain


It's Black Friday. Probably you ate too much the previous day, and probably you are resisting the temptation of jostling with everybody else in the shopping mall. Well, here's your option: We will walk around the base of "A" Mountain.

We will start rather late at 10:00am, and it will take the proximity of 2 hours. That means we will get back to the Sunset Parking Lot at about 12:00pm. And that's lunch time. Me thinking that lot of you guys might have plenty of leftovers from the previous day. (Not me though, I already finish up all there is available. And that explains why I am rarely invited to a party. But that's besides the point.) Why couldn't we bring some of the leftover stuff and have another feast with our fellow hikers?

This hike is with minimal elevation gain, and totaled mighty 2.7 miles. It's a hike that's catered to everybody who choose to call themselves a hiker. Come one, come all. Shake off a bit of newly added holiday fat; and for a day, do not worry too much about your wallet (because it's very unlikely you are going to spend any money on the hike).

Please comment on what you are bringing to share as time comes nigh.

See you there!