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Hike & Happy Hour: Soledad & Bar Canyon


Starting at the Soledad Canyon Trailhead, we'll make a clockwise loop passing by the Rock House, taking a quick detour to the Bar Canyon waterfall, and then finish the clockwise loop back to the cars.

If you've been complaining that we get up too early for hikes, or that we drive too far, or what have you finally, a hike for you!

We'll actually be going to a real happy hour (5-7 pm) for dinner after the hike at High Desert Brewery ( (follow link for directions). Beers are $1 off. We will be sitting outside; while they are heaters, please bring an extra layer if you think you will be cold.


Distance - 3-4 miles round-trip.

Elevation Gain - 1000 ft gained.

Fees - None. Of course, if you carpool, please compensate your driver for gas!

Duration - We aim for finishing by 5 pm.

Pet Friendly - Yes. You must have a way to restrain your dog (you shouldn't need be told to bring a proper leash). Ask the other hikers before unleashing your dog.

Skill Level - While this is one of the easiest of the hikes we do, you should always come prepared. The elevation is noticeably higher than Las Cruces, and if you are out of shape you will feel it.

Terrain - A well-maintained trail, gravel & dirt.

Weather - Typically doesn't matter, we usually hike rain or shine, unless there is a lightning storm or a particularly bad wind storm. We won't decide to cancel until an hour before the event.

Afterwards - High Desert Brewery's happy hour.

Meet -

- Las Cruces: 1:00 pm, in/outside Milagro Coffee at Pan Am Plaza. Open at 6:30 am on the weekends, the coffee, breakfast burritos, and bagels (fresh on the weekends) are all good here. GPS: Google Maps (,-106.745122&z=18), OpenStreetMap (, USGS topo map (,-106.745122&marker0=32.287339,-106.745122&z=18)).
- El Paso: 12:00 pm, I-10 and Redd Road Kohl's, in the south end of the parking lot near Starbucks. GPS: Google Maps (,-106.576615&z=18), OpenStreetMap (, USGS topo map (,-106.576615&marker0=31.865651,-106.576615&z=18)). Note: your host is not meeting here, please self-organize!
- Soledad Canyon Trailhead: 1:30 pm. See map (32.30458°N, 106.59335°W (,-106.59335) (see on Google Maps (,-106.59335&z=18), OpenStreetMap (, USGS topo map (,-106.59335&marker0=32.30458,-106.59335&z=18))).

Time - We will hit the trail by 1:10. If you might be late call or text.

More information - Map of area [OpenStreetMap] (


What You Should Bring

Clothing - Weather Appropriate attire. Check the day of the event, plan accordingly. You will also be exercising and sweating so keep that in mind. Wear thick soled shoes with some tread.

Water - Always a good idea in the desert. At least a liter per person is preferable.

Flashlight - We don't plan on hiking in the dark, but you never know. Headlamps are the best, but any flashlight will work in a pinch.


Kid Friendliness - As the parent or guardian you know best what your child is capable of. Use common sense, but if you need further details ask in the comments. In the end you and you alone are responsible for your child.

Medical Concerns - This is at times strenuous exercise, performed outdoors. If you are unsure for any reason please consult your physician before attempting any of our hikes.

Late Arrival - It is very important that if you are going to be late or decide to cancel at the last minute to let us know. We don't want to hold up the group because of stragglers. And please RSVP, it really helps if we have an accurate accountability of the number of hikers.

***Caution/Disclaimer: Each individual hiker is responsible for their own personal safety/health and of their guests when participating in Jornada Hiking & Outdoor Club activities. The organizers of Jornada Hiking & Outdoor Club and the Jornada Hiking & Outdoor Club are not liable for any illness, injury, accident, mechanical break-down, or unforeseen acts that may occur while you participate going to, during, or after any activity. If you have a medical condition that may be aggravated by any kind of physical activity you must make your own personal decision about attending and not hold any of the volunteer organizers liable. All organizers are volunteers and are not compensated during any activity.***
Milagro Coffee
1733 East University Avenue · Las Cruces, NM
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