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Camping at the Gila Hot Springs

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I have reservations for 8 people at the Gila Hot Springs campground in Hot Springs, NM (about 10 min drive from the Gila Cliff Dwellings), this Friday and Saturday night. We will have two campgrounds which can hold up to 2 cars each so are limited to 4 cars.

For me, this weekend is more about relaxing at the hot springs and enjoying being by the water and in nature than getting big miles in hiking, so if that is what you want to do, this is not the trip for you.

for more information on camp ground:

Please read the rules of the camp ground before RSVPing:


Distance - Variable, depends on what we decide to do. Please plan between 4 and 10 mi, over the three days. The hike to the cliff dwellings is 1 m, with ~500 ft elevation gain. There numerous other hikes that we can do in the area.

Elevation Gain - Variable,

Fees - $6/person/night of camping (includes access to hot springs) and $5/person/day at the cliff dwellings. Please bring your National Park pass, if you have one and exact change to pay the camping fees in cash. Of course, if you carpool, please compensate your driver for gas (trip is ~150 miles one way, and will take ~ 3 hours)!

Duration - 12 noon Friday-late afternoon Sunday

Pet Friendly - Yes/No. They are not allowed on the cliff dwellings trail (but they do have kennels). And rule from campsite website: 7. Pets are allowed as long as they are disciplined and quiet. (Never in the pools!))

Skill Level - Variable, many of the hikes in the area require many river crossings, and some elevation gain, but we can decide as a group which trails to hike.

Terrain - some trails with loose rocks and some trails which require hiking in the river.

Weather - TBD. the last time I was there it rained every day for a little while.

Meet -call number in comments for location

Time - Friday 12 noon- Sunday late afternoon

To bring: camping equipment, hiking equipment, swim suit, a dish to share for Sat night dinner, and whatever other food and drink you will need for the weekend. (rain gear would probably be a good idea and if anyone has fire wood on hand that would be great).

Please only RSVP is you are able to attend the trip (since I already made the reservations, I am responsible for paying the camping fees).

***Caution/Disclaimer: Each individual hiker is responsible for their own personal safety/health and of their guests when participating in Jornada Hiking & Outdoor Club activities. The organizers of Jornada Hiking & Outdoor Club and the Jornada Hiking & Outdoor Club are not liable for any illness, injury, accident, mechanical break-down, or unforeseen acts that may occur while you participate going to, during, or after any activity. If you have a medical condition that may be aggravated by any kind of physical activity you must make your own personal decision about attending and not hold any of the volunteer organizers liable. All organizers are volunteers and are not compensated during any activity.***
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