Alamogordo Canyons Series! Ortega North!


The Las Cruces group will be departing from Kmart at 7:30. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to arrange carpooling. If you are not meeting the group at Kmart please state in the comments where you will be meeting the group.

This is a cross post with the Alamogordo Hiking group:

For years this was our most hiked big canyon... but it tended to convince folks to not come over, especially when I tagged on Ortega peak and the steep descent down the "A" trail...

... Now... we have a new Exit! ...and a lower turn around point!

So... all of the great stuff with an easier effort.

It is still a big canyon... lots of scrambling!

While Easier than some of the other canyons... this is not as easy as the hikes on the Canyon Light Series of last year.

Not for Beginners!

Off trail, Class II Canyoneering!

We will move along at an easier pace... taking lots of breaks... plan on a longer day!

Folks should read the hike Descriptions carefully... make sure you are on a hike you will enjoy!

Details of specific routes will be posted well in advance.

So... a blend of easier... and Difficult!

In general, most of our hikes tend to be harder than the norm... off trail... steep... but going some great places!

Feel free to inquire about specifics...