Carbonate Creek Waterfalls and Mineral Creek (Camp and Hike)


Carbonate Creek is located 10 miles NW of Hillsboro, NM. The last ~5 miles require high clearance to the best of my knowledge.

Homework: Read the following links because there will be quiz

These links have all the photos and info about the waterfalls thanks to Doug Scott, the waterfall guy. It is about 4 miles in and same way back, so 8 miles of hiking.

We WILL have to hike through water. Closed (not sandals) synthetic shoes(sneakers) work best for hiking through water. Putting extra pair of insoles into sneakers helps a lot because that extra cushion protects your feet from rocks. Leather shoes are very bad choice for hiking through water; they are heavy and your feet will not be able to breath, so it is likely to get blisters.

There will be some boulder negotiation, rock hopping, and read the links. The highest waterfall is 100ft high. There will be 5, 6 good ones and a bunch of small waterfalls.

This is a cross posting with New Mexico Backpackers Group. They are camping there the previous night. We are going to meet them Saturday morning at 8:30am at the campsite, dump (or set up) our camping gear, and hike the Carbonate Creek Waterfalls. We will stay at the campsite with them Saturday night, and next day explore Mineral creek.

Confirmed campsite:[masked],[masked]

Carbonate Creek Trailhead and Potential Campsite:[masked], [masked]

Potential Campsite:[masked], [masked]

Save these into your gps.