Alamo: Exploratory... Bishop's Cap!

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Okay... I do not expect anyone to show up for this hike... for a variety of reasons... I'm more playing with this initial posting for this Alamogordo oriented hike on this Las Cruces site.

I need to figure out what information needs to be included... especially regarding whether or not it would be worth the drive over from El Paso or Las Cruces.

I will no longer be doing Beginner Level hikes... except by request...

...and once monthly (more?) I'll schedule a "by request" event. Let me know the day and times you'd like to hike... how many hours... what level of difficulty... or, a specific canyon or loop... even set the pace and /or limit the number of hikers. I'll put it into my Calendar.


If my hike says Exploratory... you might want to think twice about signing up. I have no idea what we might get into. It might be more dangerous. It might not prove out... could be overgrown, dull mess? And... I go very slow on these hikes, stopping often to soak in the new moments.

If my hikes say Training... really might want to avoid. Used to be those would be too hard... 30+ miles with over 10,000' of gain. Now, they may be too easy; I'm out of shape... hope to regain some of that lost ability... but, I'm old! Might not happen.

Most of my hikes tend to be off trail... way off trail. They go to great places, and there are a lot of great places over in the Alamo area. I currently have documented over 300 different hikes I hike to from my house! Hundreds more I can drive to in less than an hour. I suggest asking me directly about specific hikes if you have any doubts... is a good idea to pick the right hikes to make sure you have a fun day out.

I will designate canyon adventures either Class I or Class II... both involve hands on scrambling... Class II might include scrambles that are nearly climbs. All of these are Dangerous, as is off trail... there is a risk of injury. Sharp prickly stuff abounds. Loose rocks lie in wait. Gravity converts that which is going up to that which could fall down... hard!

For many of us... this is just the tangy icing on a substantially chewy cake.

Be forewarned.

I'm not a guide... just a hiker, welcoming you to join up for the Adventure.

All that Said...

Bishop's Cap Cut

Longer approach... steep, possibly impassable crevice... if we do make it up and out... longer loop around and down Dog Canyon trail to get home. 7-12 hours???

Class II Canyoneering... Off Trail... Not for Beginners. Advanced Level Routing. I plan to carry rope for safety assist... no harness.

Have 6 Quarts of fluid!

My phone does not work out at Oliver Lee Park. I depart on time. I plan to ride my bike out on the day... I'll have to ride home at the end of the hike... gotta start on time!

Folks could camp out the night before at the park?
[masked] texts are best!

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