Marble Canyon (South)

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of the seven branches of the Marble Canyon drainage, this one is the most exceptional. The route follows the bed of the canyon over numerous small dry waterfalls, with ever changing rock formations and towering sidewalls... and eventually, great vista views of the Tularosa Basin. This is a very demaning hike. In addition to the variety of rock scrambling, there is a substantial elevation gain (4400 to 8000'+) and the entire route is off trail. Do not try this unless you are trained up to enjoy the 8-10 hour vigorous effort. A very nice aspect of this hike is that once the head of the canyon is reached, you can exit the drainage and hike the return route along The Mesa, with great views down into the canyon you just climbed. That path will lead you eventually to Goat Springs trail and back down to the base of the canyon. Check out these photos on Picassa to get an idea about what the hike is like. ( I am hiking this canyon a few times over the coming months, the first being Sunday, October 23rd. I'm not really back into shape yet, but I plan to go slow and enjoy the views and the day...

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