Fall Canyon Series: Alamogordo

Hosted by Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club

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Fall 2012 Canyon Hiking Series….

Pock Rock Canyon (with Mesa Peak)
Shorter canyon, with great stair step falls… then hike to High Point of The Mesa for great views. Return down Goat Springs Trail

...date finally set to kick off this series... Pock Rock Canyon on the 30th of September! I will be doing one Meetup Canyon hike a month for the coming six months, in addition to our regular canyon hiking schedule (we hike every weekend).

Lost Trail Canyon/ Mineral Springs Loop
Nice Drainage with great rock scrambles. Return Loop around the Basin.

Ortega Canyon South
Very Nice three part canyon… big waterfall!

Ortega Canyon North (with Ortega Peak)
Canyon and Peak combo… some thought this one is the best hike in 2011!

Marble Canyon South Fork/ Mesa Ridge Loop
The Best! Longer… more demanding. Be in shape or stay home! Or, Hurt!

Mule Canyon/Mule Peak Observatory
Exceptional overall hike… a bit harder than the rest… very long day. Check out one of the other canyon hikes before you try this one...

Off trail, Class I Canyoneering hikes… there is scrambling mixed in with steep stair step waterfall formations. The “climbing” areas can be bypassed. It is best to be in good shape to enjoy these canyon treks. Marble Canyon and Mule Canyon are very demanding hikes; do not attempt either of those unless you’ve done one of the other canyons… they will give you an idea of what the longer canyon days might be like.

Additionally, we will be doing a series of longer distance training hikes up Alamo Canyon to Alamo Peak Observatory… and, once the snow hits, a series of snow shoe/overshoe hikes up on top of the mountain.

That’s the plan!


Carpool from Las Cruces: 6:45am at K-Mart Parking lot