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Ortega Canyon (Alamogordo)


This Class I Canyoneering hike takes off right in town, and wanders up drainage with minor scrambling surrounded by some exceptional rock strata. The overall hike is not easy... but neither is it too difficult if taken at a moderate pace. We will be going slow and taking lots of breaks to enjoy this great setting.

Depending on the final upper end destination (some folks may want to score Ortega Peak as we pass by), plan on 8-9 miles with an elevation gain and loss of 3,000 feet.

The hike is off trail for the first half. The descent is a steep official trail: #119... the "A" trail.

Consideration should be made for the 3,000' of climbing and the steep descent and the off trail nature of the ascent. We have had folks show up in the past not fully enjoying the day because they had not been doing any steep trail hiking. No fun to limp home! Prepare for this day and have a great time.

This is a very good preparation hike for the exceptional Marble Canyon hike coming up in November and March. Marble Canyon is twice as difficult as this one... steeper... longer... and nicer!

If folks would prefer a Saturday hike... let me know. Most of these canyon outings are planned for Sundays, but I could adjust to Saturday if the demand is great enough.
Fire Station 4/Park
3308 E 10th St, E. End of 10th St Park at Park or South in field · Alamogordo, NM
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