Beeman Canyon/Winter Peak

Hosted by Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club

Public group


Hoping for nice weather, this Canyon/Ridge hike blends a bit of minor canyon scrambling with some very nice ridge walking. We will hit Winter Peak (the take off point for the area hang gliders)... then either hike down Beeman Ridge, or loop down Horse Ridge... or, take the longer loop down and around Dry Canyon. While the canyon effort will not be as challenging as some of the other area drainages, the hike will be longer, up to 18 miles if we choose the longer loop, so this is a hike to be in shape for!

The short canyon section will be minor Class I Canyoneering... scrambling up a few small waterfalls.

All of the hike will be off trail... be prepared.

If it snows, we will still hike, but may stay up on the ridges entirely.